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Coherent Healing is about healing and pain management. It's about guaranteed pain relief, and a powerful way of enhancing your body's natural healing ability.

Our healer, a gifted medical intuitive and psychic healer, can see your aura, determine the source and location of pain or disease and then, using subtle energy, remove your pain and balance your aura to enhance and accelerate your own natural healing process.

Sometimes called distance healing, energy healing, or aura healing, Coherent Healing is a very powerful holistic healing methodology that is based on a coherent integration of heart, mind, body and soul energies. Like most types of alternative healing, it is as old as humanity and was used by the shaman, medicine man and curandero of old.

It is so powerful, in fact, that we are willing to guarantee pain relief or your money back. In most cases you will feel relief after 1 session. Multiple sessions may be required depending on the severity of the disease. Regardless, our guarantee stands. If you don't feel significant pain relief after the first session, you will not pay!

Many diseases are caused by stress. Coherent Healing is very effective in inducing an extremely deep state of relaxation and is very useful in removing the pain of stress related migraine headaches and tension headaches. For this same reason, it is also very useful to those suffering from anxiety or insomnia.

Coherent Healing also works on friends or loved ones who can't use the phone. While talking to you about a friend or loved one that is not present, the healer can often see that person's aura as well as your own. In those cases he has been able to successfully work on the other person with the same success rate as if the person were on the phone.

Coherent Healing is effective for a very large number of diseases, but not all diseases are treatable, and not all people are treatable. This treatment is not meant to replace traditional medical treatment. If you are seriously ill you should first consult with your doctor. This treatment is meant to augment your current ongoing medical treatment and, for serious diseases, we welcome consultations with medical doctors.

..."If you doubt at all that this man has been given a special healing gift, ask him to adjust vertebrae in your spine. You can actually feel the bones moving over the telephone. Amazing!"

- Rojeana, Nebraska
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"I feel like amazingly better. Thank you so much for helping me yesterday. I just had to call you because it's just such a dramatic difference and just wanted to let you know, and let you know how much you helped me. I feel like you saved my life in many ways. "

Carol F., NY
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