"I feel like amazingly better. Thank you so much for helping me yesterday. I just had to call you because it's just such a dramatic difference and just wanted to let you know, and let you know how much you helped me. I feel like you saved my life in many ways."
Carol F., NY

“Dear Matt, Emailing to let you know the UTI (ed. note: Urinary Tract Infection) is cured. Thank you very much !  You are an amazing healer. Best result possible with the infection in my jaw. It has completely healed ! You have done great work. Again. The antibiotics weren't working, I would have ended up having it operated on, I am sure, if proceeded with the docs method.
Thank you very, very much.”

Jane G., Australia


“The condition has radically improved, as you saw and said it would ( slow release etc...) The experience was fully tolerable, the pain quite manageable even while the release was happening. The walking is far better. I have stopped worrying about my legs giving up and not leading me where I need to go.”

Monique P.,  CA


hi matt,

there are so many changes!  i think the most notable is that after being on prozac at fairly high doses for the past 10+ years and i am finally anti-depressant free and i feel great!  i just have an overall higher sense of stability.  i do still get emotional...and sad...and anxious...from time to time, but it is usually mild, short lived and very easy to manage/eliminate.  this is a HUGE change for me.  i feel less insecure and anxious when i am in large crowds or giving a presentation to a large group of people.  i am much less concerned about what other's think of me.  i also have an actual interest in living my life!  in the past i was very complacent and at times unsocial.  it would take me forever to get the energy to do something as simple as go to the grocery store.  now i feel like i am always on the go.  you have truly changed my life matt and i can't thank you enough!”

Lauren H., MA


“Dear Matt!!!! ……I want to tell you that I feel pretty good - not perfect yet but uncomparable to how I was before I meet You ! :) Thank you for all what you doing for me and if it will be all going this way, soon I would be completely healthy”

Ewa F., Poland


“I am much better after your help. Thank you for learning this stuff. I'm grateful.”

D. Smith , NC


“I feel like a million bucks today, i feel that dark cloud gone and feel a sense of lightness.  You saved my life today. By the way, I have been telling everyone about you and how much you have changed my life…..I feel grateful and thankful and feel so much better. God sent you to me and God bless you for the work you do to help others.  You really have inspired me!!!!”

Vicky F., Ont.


“Hey Matt, Good day! Wow, this is definitely working. I love it, I love , I love it, I love it. I just had to call and tell you that it’s working. I’m extremely calm, it’s just amazing!”

J. Kennedy , CA


“Hi Matt, I'm not sure if this will reach you but here goes. I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for your having worked so diligently with me and with so much love, caring, and compassion. That really comes through your voice and shook me to the core each time we spoke. Every single time I got off the phone with you I felt like a brand new person and higher than a kite! Thank you so very, very much!!!
with love and utmost gratitude & respect,”
Phillip R., Quebec

"Hello, I wanted to thank you for the healing session, after I worked with you, three days later, I experienced pain like you said, and after that, I have been pain free, also the lump or fibroid that I could feel  and was painful was gone,  one day I was lying down and realize I could no longer feel it, my partner was shocked, I have been feeling great…, I feel amazing, thank you very much for offering your gift of healing."
Dionne A., Canada

"I can't thank you enough for the help you've given me--JUST in the nick of time!  I’m  so grateful you cannot know......"
Susan H., NY

"Matt, WOW!  I experienced huge changes in my MS symptoms today.  I was MUCH more mentally alert.  I did not have any neuropathic pain- a symptom which has been treated with 3 surgeries and years of heavy opiate use.  I was even able to urinate a couple of times, (although I had to use a catheter for most voiding) which just amazed me because my doctor had just started me on a medicine which he told me would totally shut down any ability I had left to urinate.  My balance was better too.  It was just an amazing day!!!  I want to thank you for your tremendous work and ask you to continue working.  Your gift blows me away."
Marie D., OK

"Dearest Matt: My sessions with you were amazing and results remarkably quick! There is a sense of immediate trust in you right away. Your sessions brought the old me back and I’m feeling stronger all the time! As a result my husband and daughter are eager to begin working with you! You are light! I will always recommend you!"
Cate C., NY

Just a brief note to tell you how much I appreciate the miraculous healing received earlier this week. It has truly given me my life back. The change is already transformational (you were right about the soreness, by the way_. I look forward to even greater shifts as time continues. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
F.  Laurel , CO

"Dear Matt ~ Thank you for positively impacting my greatest gift–health. It is apparent that the work you do is most definitely your calling. Your generosity is greatly appreciated here and beyond. I already feel much better and my energy level is going through the roof though based on my present schedule I ought to be sleepy. Thank you…With Sincere Blessings"
Aleksandra J., Ontario Canada

"Dear Matt ~ Thank you so much for your help in the last two days. I feel different and can feel a deep relaxation in my stomach and I am much more present in general. I got through the day well and was not too tired, just lots of dreams at night. I can feel that some big shift has happened and I am very excited.…You said the door is open now...I can feel that and I prayed so much for help, you were the answer to those prayers. Thank you very much."
Christa W. Switzerland

"Hi Matt, Thank-you so much for helping me.  First all that sadness that I was feeling seems to be gone.  I am not spinning in my own head anymore about why I don't have any motivation or energy. I did a whole bunch of stuff today from shoveling snow, to shopping, to laundry and going for a walk! …..My back feels pretty good, not as nagging and I don't seem to need to lie down as frequently as I did. I am so grateful for your knowledge and talents.... they are true gifts.. You have made such a difference in my life and I wanted you to know how much your gift and generosity of spirit mean to me and to all of the world…I feel truly blessed and honoured to have had you cross my path in this life.  Thank-you Matt, for all that you do.  Blessings to you, Ann"   
Ann P., B.C. Canada

"Matt ~ many thanks for what i consider one of the profound events of my life.
with love"
Allan D., NY

"Hi Matt :) Typing is way better now so I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you did on my wrist.  I went from a pain level 8.5 (codeine was lookin' real good, lol) to about a 4 the first time you worked on it. During the time you were working on it, it had the greatest level of improvement.  By 3 days later,  I was only taking like 2 ibuprofen a day and had roughly 60% normal range of motion without pain.  So just wanted to give you a shout-out about how amazing and awesome your work is :)  I'm getting ultrasound about every 5 days to clear out the last 10% or so of inflammation and get back to full function.
Keep up the great work you do!"
Susanne R., - WA

"Dear Matt ~ This mornings treatment seems to bring forth wonders. My hands haven't been so great since 2 month. The fingers are not swollen anymore and the redness of the eczema is gone and it feels cool instead of hot."
Erica N., - NY

"I KNOW that your healing sessions did me ALOT better. After the first time I spoke with you, my bathroom-visits went from 5 to 2 for almost a whole week. And  that was incredible, and the start of me getting better…..My doctor said that all the results was like it is on a "normal healthy person". And that I should be just fine in a few days. (some of the symptoms can show, even though my results is good, but they will dissapear soon). So I'm VERY excited these days, and it feels like that I've got my life back!:D …….And then I will thank you very, very much from all my heart! You have really helped me in this and I appriciate it SO much!!!!! I am very thankfull to you and I feel like you should have a lot of credit for me getting my life back! THANK YOU!!!!"
Joachim – Sweden

"Thank you for recommending Matt to me for my son. What he did for my son was amazing. My son told me he could finally feel that his mind and thoughts are his own.  He even didn't feel the need to take his medicines. Before this he can't do without them. Yesterday he washed his dishes after his meal which he hasn't done for a very long time. He could now watch and actually enjoy the tv programmes for hours and he also remembered to take a bath without me reminding him. I'm glad to see these changes in him and hope he continues to improve by the day and slowly learn to pick up with the things he has missed. He's feeling more energy now. Thank you so much! Matt is a wonderful person."
Chan - Japan

“Hi, Matt. Just want to thank you for everything. I can drive now, not 100% but getting there. It had been a very long and healing month for me. Again, I really appreciate your help (with panic attacks Ed.) at the very hard time for me.”
Olga A., MN

..."If you doubt at all that this man has been given a special healing gift, ask him to adjust vertebrae in your spine. You can actually feel the bones moving over the telephone. Amazing!"
Rojeana, Nebraska

"You are a wonderful healer. I feel a lot better...I can't thank you enough!...During the session the pain level reduced from a 10 to a 1. ...I haven't felt this amount of relief in years. Thank you very much for healing me."
Lisa G. Maryland

“Hey Matt! You should see me! We look so much better. Both Mark and I have color on our faces…It’s miraculous and I am so appreciative. I really see how these things are gifts from God when the time is right. The arteries are clear, the blood and prosperity can flow. I think you are amazing! What you do works like nothing I have ever seen."
Liz G., Can.

"...I was very sceptical about your method of curing......but I've had to rethink my beliefs because the diverticulitis from which I suffered has completely disappeared. I no longer have to follow special diets or take special medicines. Thank you Matt."
C. Gastaldi , Rome Italy

"Hello Matt ~ I thank you so much for your beautiful, soothing, enlightening and effective healing. Not only are you coherent! in the process, but the love you feel for humanity and animals shines bright. It was very wonderful to have light shed upon my source of disturbances and I look forward to the further releasing of them through methods you shared with me. In fact I have begun....You are blessed with a special gift and I feel privileged to have been able to have this session with you. Bless you."
Catherine G., CA

"Wow, my ankle is really healing fast. quite impressive.... I'm almost done using the cane."
Frank D. Florida

"What you did was magic.......Matt, you opened my eyes and hopefully my heart.......I am not totally painfree, but I can function now. I also have some knowledge to work with and finish the job of helping myself release old patterns. Thank you so much, you truly don't know how much this has helped on so many levels."
Joyce S. FL

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling much better, and am very happy with your reading on Sunday. The dizziness is almost all gone - just a touch of it when I first get up in the morning. But after sitting on the bed a few seconds it clears up, and since Sunday there is none the rest of the day. Also, I feel more energetic. It's great to feel so much better."
Natalie C. NC

"I want thank...you from the bottom of my heart. Matt that was great what ya did for me. The next day I has so much energy, I was sprinting from one place to another. First time since before I broke my ankle over one & 1/2 years ago. Did not feel tired in the day at all. Did not need a nap at all. The shoulder pain within 2 to 3 day is completely gone. What a difference wow. No more night mares, or strange dreams. No more close encounters with head on collision while driving. I also had this pain full feeling in my eyes when I woke up in the morning. Felt like there was glass cutting my eyes. This also went completely away. (thank God)"
Walt H. NJ

"Good news, I finally had a day when I felt great all day long without pain. Yipee! I can take more of these days and I thank you for the work we did. Thanks for being very thorough and patient. You're the best..."
Deborah P., Arizona

"......I thank you for all the times that, gripped by pain, all it took for me to feel instantly better was a phone call to you. You helped me get more in touch with my body and to re-establish it's natural rhythms. From frequent debilitating stomach cramps, endometriosis, migraines down to simple toothaches, you've always been able to heal me. It makes me happy to hear that now even more people will be able to benefit from your special skill as well as from your deep humanity."
A. Carrer, Rome , Italy

"......I truly appreciate you helping me psychicly (sic) over the last several years. My prostrate problem (cancer) has not been a problem in several months. My Myasthenia Gravis (muscle/nerve) problem has been kept under control with your help. My true thanks."
Bob P. Weatherford TX

""I am thrilled to be able to feel so good...there aren't words...I became MYSELF again. My own thoughts and feelings. A friend told me I sounded a 100% better this morning (before I told her about your work with me), and I can hear it in my own voice. I have thoughts about the future, can come up with solutions and ideas - I have been paralyzed that way for awhile...You have my full and undying gratitude. I have sent out your site to the people I consider my "team" of healers/colleagues, and will recommend you highly to patients of mine as well "

- Judy C.,
Health Practitioner, Vermont


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